Enhance Mechanical Properties of Waste Tire – Reinforced Polyester for Urban Equipment Product

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This research work is concerned with the evaluation of mechanical properties – tensile, tensile modulus, hardness and impact strength of waste tire particles fabric-reinforced polyester composites. In this connection, tire particles and Matrix were fabricated by conventional hand lay-up process followed by light compression moulding technique and tested for the different weight ratios (25:75, 50:50, and 75:25). By using ambient process for getting tire powder in the size of 5 mesh - 30 mesh and pretreatment of tire particle with H2SO4 to enhance their mechanical properties and molecular orientation. The hardness strength and impact strength were found to be maximum for 50:50 weight ratio of matrix and tire particles. The tensile strength and tensile modulus were found to be maximum for 75:25 weight ratio of matrix and tire particles. This research work enhances eco-friendly system and reduces air pollution.

The tire particles are richly available and cheaper than conventional and synthetic rubber, since as discussed above this composite materials have great strength compared to conventional material.


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    Loganathan M
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    Sabarish, Prabhakaran, Chinnaraj Stuednt, KIOT, Salem
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    Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering
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