Solar Heating System

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Solar Heating System
Heating is the largest energy expense in homes and that is up to 50% of annual energy bills. Reducing your energy use for heating provides the most effective way to reduce your home’s contribution to global environmental problems. Heating systems spew billions of tons of CO2 into the atmosphere each year and lots of tons of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides. Sun heating system can cut pollution output and fuel bills by 80%. A typical house will use tens of thousands of BTUs per hour in winter. One kilowatt-hour equals to 3,413 BTU. Solar energy can provide enough energy for house heating and water heating. This type of integrated solar heating has the highest paybacks. This active solar system moves the heat from the absorber to the thermal mass or directly into the home.

Tracking Solar Concentrator
4sq meter parabolic mirror (1) is attached to heliostat. The clockwork heliostat tracks the reflected sun onto absorber placed in vacuum tube to decrease heat losses. Seasonal tracking can be manual. Mirror (1) is made of polished stainless metal sheet. Water pumps (P1, P2) move hot water from the absorber (2) directly into the home or into ground storage mass through 3-way valve (V). This ground storage system allows for solar storage during the day and can release the stored energy at night when the demand is usually higher. The storage is made up of n-drill wells (D1-Dn) and PEX tubing. Basic principle of the heating system is depicted in figure 1. Actually the drill wells are arranged around the solar concentrator. The design is in figure 2.The storage also is used as the domestic hot water source. MCU in control unit senses home temperature, drill well temperature, absorber temperature and controls 3- way valve (V) and the water pumps. The heating system can be furnished with a heat pump additionally.

This Solar Heating System is protected from inflation and the political surprises that come with other fuels. This is the best investment for all homeowners around the world.


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