Smart Mobile Solar Powered Energy Bag

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The quantity and quality of electrical energy available in a locality is an indication of the quality of life of those living there. The ease of power availability at a picnic or field trip location is cumbersome. To deal with this challenge gasoline powered micro generators are used. However these are costly to run, maintain together with their attendant noise and GHG emission pollution makes this option unattractive.

The Smart Mobile Solar Powered Energy Bag (SMOSPEB) is a novel product developed to solve the itemized challenges. It provides clean and readily available energy from nature’s power source (the sun). It has zero operational and maintenance costs. It is totally green and environmentally friendly.

The product is an improvement on what is currently available in the marketplace in that it make the power supply portable and easily adaptable for use in any desired application.

The SMOSPEB can be applied as quick power source to sustain operation of mobile devices, iPADs, iPODs, Laptop computers in field trips to remote locations, during picnics. It can also provide power and act as source of income to small scale business like mobile device chargers, barbers and vendors.

The product has high market potentials in most countries in Africa especially in Nigeria where there is abundance of sunlight and energy provision for sustainable growth and development is still a mirage.

The SMOSPEB is a box equipped with devices for converting solar energy through the solar PV panel to useful electrical energy to supply both alternating and direct current (AC & DC) loads. During use, the detachable solar PV panel is connected to the bag via an adaptable plug and usually placed in a strategic place to expose the PV panel to the sun. The SMOSPEB also has storage facility to store electrical energy for future use after sun-set. Both alternating and direct current (AC & DC) loads can be connected but the total loads should not exceed the rated power which in this case is 100W. When fully charged it can deliver the rated power for four hours and how long the power serve depends actually on load.

The product can be manufactured by installing the storage batteries, the DC /AC inverter, smart controller and the PV solar/battery charge controller in the box. Appropriate terminals and adaptable plugs used to ease connection and disconnection. The size of components and accessories will depend on the capacities. Various capacities of the SMOSPEB can be produced by increasing the size of the solar PV and the storage capacity (deep cycle batteries). The product can be manufactured locally or in partnership with existing specialist.

The product costs $168 as compared to similar products in in marketplace which does not possess some of the features this product has. However if other sizes are desired, the cost of manufacture depend on the capacity of the SMOSPEB chosen.


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    Hope Orovwode
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    Hope Orovwode, Samuel Wara Covenant University
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    the need to improve the quality of life of my locality by create a means of empowering the unemployed and make the business of the small entrepreneur more profitable
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