Water Purifier

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This design is for rural areas with no pipe access to potable water.

It is extremely simple, it's basically a plastic container with a big opening to inlet the "dirty" water and a smaller one from where the clean comes out.

The dirty water stays in a large surface container while the clean in a deep small surface area. The filtering would happen by simple condensation on a glass portion of the container placed slanting that would allow droplets to accumulate drift and drop into the small surface container. To help heat up the dirty water section an aluminum corner piece anodized black would get sun light heat and transfer it to warm the dirty water.

Netting separating the two section would avoid splashes of dirty water in the surface area of drip that would contaminate the clean water section.

Water obtained would be of good grade ready for drinking after boiling to assure eventual bacteria contamination or eventually further RO filtering.

The low cost would make it easy to distribute in poor rural countries where potable water is costly.


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