Energy Harvesting From Vibration

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In today's scenario fossil fuel prices have gone sky high and fossil fuel is not a pollution free option. We need to reduce the use of fossil fuel for human comfort. Today all cars are equipped with an air conditioner for human comfort. To run the air conditioner a large amount of fuel is burnt, which reduces fuel efficiency and also leads to air pollution.

According to today's condition the air conditioner available in the car reduces the fuel efficiency of your car almost by HALF. So to overcome the problem I propose the idea of using a piezoelectric transducer (disc) for harvesting energy from vibration taking place in the car wheels and produce an electric charge, which can be amplified and used to charge the battery. Thereafter it can be used to run the air conditioner. By using this method we can reduce the use of fossil fuel and increase the fuel efficiency of the cars.

The ratio of cars to people is now 1:1 so we can apply it to all cars available today.

In my design, a piezoelectric transducer in the form of a disc is used. It will have property to produce electric charge when undergoing deformation. Many piezoelectric discs are connected in series with each other forming a long chain like structure. Number of chain depends upon breadth of the car's tires.The other chains will then be connected in parallel to each other. The disc is to be placed in between two rubber sheets with some touch point as shown in the diagram, same as that of the plastic sheets available in a keyboard. The sheets are to placed in the car tire. As the car wheels rotate they also get deformed due to the unevenness of the road; the sheet is lined inside with the tire and it also gets deformed and produce an electric charge which is AC, which is to be converted to DC. The current produced would be less so it is needed to be amplified and used to charge the battery.

To manufacture the product no new research or new new procedure is to be developed. Rubber sheet with slot is to be manufactured and piezoelectric discs are to be inserted in them. If any disc gets damaged it can be replaced easily.The sheets are then installed in the tires. For tubeless tires slots can directly be made on the tires.

Manufacturing cost will always be less than the cost of fossil fuel burnt.


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