Riding Everywhere on Bicycle With Automated Pullers

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Bicycles depend on sustainable and clean energy and are good for health or fitness. One of the limitation of cycling is that it required human effort or energy to drive it. Long distance cycling need a great amount of a driver’s energy and the journey becomes full of anxiety and tiredness. Another limitation is that in modern culture people feel ashamed to ride a bicycle because of luxury in other modern modes of transportation systems and their status.

Imagine that we are hanging out in the streets of a market. To cross the market, we are on bicycle. To cross the multiple streets, we are on a bicycle and even to cross the towns, states, country we are still riding on a bicycle that is public or privately owned without feeling anxiety, tiredness, but instead of these all we have luxurious, green, sustainable, eco-friendly, smart features-filled journey. We are not alone; all of the town is travelling with us. We are free to ride in every direction, in every place, because there is no need of gas stations, fuel, maintenance etc. We are simultaneously working, exercising, travelling via this mode of transportation.
This transportation system is featured with flexible path, vacant seats, secured, lowest cost, less dense, lowest in maintenance and is shared between all the public. Battery packs may be installed on the bicycle for electric drive or other purposes that will charge when the bicycle or vehicle is attached to puller during journey.

Parts of transportation system:
1. Bicycle with single or multiple seats.
2. Track lines in the air.
3. Covered path (optional).
4. Computer controlled Puller Vehicles or Pods (electric powered like the railway, other renewable energy source is an option).
5. Vacant Seats featured seats for real-time data of seat availability (optional).
6. Battery packs for bicycle (optional).
7. Puller and Bicycle In-between Link (Magnetic type/ Chain or Belt type).
8. App supported, GPS enabled Smartphone for call-in Puller and geographic location, travel distance units counting (optional).
9. Cloud computing medium connected to computer app, watch app and smartphone app for exchange of recorded data or status from this transportation system (optional).
10. Drones in case of emergency or in place of Puller (optional).
11. Lift and gravitational force conversion into forward thrust technique for increase in pulling efficiency (optional).

The Puller fulfills the need of source to drive the bicycle when rider has no power or desire to drive the bicycle.
The Pullers are fully automated, running on pipe or beam tracks using electric energy (Solar power or other renewable energy resources). Beneath the tracks, roads are made for bicycle travel path. Tracks are able to be customised in every direction in any time because of Lego type joint configuration.

The ride has two parts:
Flexible and Fixed path. But both Flexible and Fixed path are always accessible to each other or ride can always be considered as Flexible path.

Note: By replacing the Puller with large diameter wheel or sprocket, this ride will become totally human powered.


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