Momentum Drive Theorem Device

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The Momentum Drive Theorem Device is rather unique when compared to how complex an internal combustion engine functions. However, this device is still the only one of its kind which makes it exceptional.

The Momentum Drive Components:
1. Containment Ring - The containment ring provides a stable platform for the device.
2. Electro-Magnetic Field Generators (EMFG) - The utilization of Electro-Magnetic Field Generators provide the large induction fields necessary for electrical power generation and braking.
3. Soft Torsion Actuators - The cables are anchored to opposite points on the Containment Ring; these cables are responsible for the harnessing, storing, and subsequent releasing of energy to the primary stator.
4. Primary Stator - The Primary Stator houses on its outer perimeter surface, modular Copper Energy Coils. When the cables start to wind and unwind, they spin the stator resulting in the passage of the coils through the induction fields, generating current.

A device that would allow the capability to travel an unlimited mileage on electricity, recharge itself while in motion. The device would use a micro regenerative fuel cell array for initial startup, and a twelve volt gel cell battery as backup. All other power would be generated by the device. The primary purpose of the Momentum Drive Theorem device is to store, convert, and re-generate energy, from electrical to mechanical and back to electrical, using torsion as an alternate form of kinetic energy.

The device uses energy from the windings, stores the energy temporarily, and releases the energy as needed to spin the rotors. This process will generate the levels of power necessary to run an electric vehicle, or put out the electricity necessary to power up buildings. When the device begins to wind down, the stator will spin in the opposite direction, in essence rewinding itself by using the stored energy. The Momentum Drive Theorem has unlimited potential in today's fuel crisis from transportation to industrial utilization.


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