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When i started putting pencil on paper, i really didn't think too much about the fact that it is a very unique vehicle that is powered by electricity. My major focus was on the environmental issue. The global economy is in crisis – a crisis which is already putting car sales in jeopardy. Therefore, I planned a design that would not only be reliable but eco-friendly. Electric and hybrid vehicle is designed to address the climate issue. The concept of Eco-friendly with the IOT solutions isn't known to many. This design is constructed to make a self-driving car that will look like a car from the next century. It will integrate a futuristic look in the modern day eco-car design. The interior features a single-seater couch with abundant legroom The doors could open automatically. The touch screen panel is in the developing stage that will be rider's optional interface with the automobile.

It is engineered to give a smooth and comfortable ride featuring the hybrid synergy drive powertrain. The system features Lithium-in battery to be incorporated within a non plugin switch.

Thus innovation is the multi-tasking my car could do. It will run entirely on IoT. Currently research is going on to create such interface. However, the electric vehicle will be converted to a solar vehicle soon which will make it more efficient. Implementation of solar cells will help the car to store the energy and convert it into useful power required during its operation.


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    Akshay Makar
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    I am a designer, gymnast and social activist.
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    Motivated with the words of President Obama, "we are the first generation to face the impacts of climate change and the last to do something about it", pushed me to create a environmental friendly vehicle that has unique design and Wireless interface to make care more secure. The highly efficient car could be the car of future that would drive major change in environmental issue as well as design world.
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    Solid works
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