Power Generation From Wind Energy Produced By Train

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Railway is one of the most important forms of transportations in India. In India, especially in Chennai, the average speed of the electric train is 100 kmph (62 miles per hour).

While the train is running, the pressure is decreased on the atmosphere near the surface of the train.

According to Bernoulli's law, as the train starts and gains momentum, the increasing velocity of the train depletes the pressure at the points in the area at close proximity to the train.

Basically air moves from high pressure to low pressure. So air is moving towards the train, in order to equalize the pressure drop. The vertical wind turbine is introduced near the train in order to harness the wind energy.

Due to the pressure drop near the train, the turbulent air moves towards the train. As we are placing the vertical axis wind turbine near the train, the wind passes over the turbine blades and rotates it. In this process the kinetic energy of the wind is converted in to mechanical energy and then it is converted into electrical energy by the use of DC generator. The DC current is stored in the battery. The inverter is used to convert DC current into AC current and the AC current is transmitted to the power station for supply.

• They can produce electricity in any wind direction.
• Low production cost as compared to horizontal axis wind turbines.
• Easy installation as compared to other wind turbines.
• Low maintenance cost.
• They can be installed in urban area.
• Low risk for human and birds because blades moves at relatively low speed.
• Reduce the use of non-renewable energy resources.



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