Low Flow Fractal Orifice Shower Head and Drain

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The Fractal Orifice Plate is a platform technology upon which novel nozzle geometries for advanced fluid dynamics and spray applications are based. It is designed to produce a large class of non-canonical turbulent flows that can be tailored to specific applications based on a few simple parameters. Subsequently, the Fractal Orifice Plate offers a vast array of turbulence configurations effectively opening the door to a new realm of spray and flow control. The Fractal Orifice Plate is patented internationally in over twenty countries in the E.U., China and the U.S. for a diverse set of applications ranging from fuel atomization to combustion and power generation to industrial robotics. We hold patent US 9278362 Fractal Orifice Plate issued March 8, 2016.

Sustainable Technology

It should be obvious that more control surfaces means better engineering and more precise fluid control, so no other geometry is better at being more precise. Also, with modern CAD programs shapes can be 3d printed for testing. Also, using the orifice plate as a flow control is also possible to further reduce water use.

For example, using the 3 size hole's in the shape of any polygon and you have tremendous capabilities to design a low flow shower head by other means than using smaller holes and bumping up pressure which is the only trick the old geometry has basically.

We can also match the shower head with with shower drain...see the Philips head screws. The shower head could be the lowest flow available when completed. Drains may help keep hair out of drain.
Combustion notes show peer reviewed research on Fractal Orifice mixing ect.

Photo 2 shows shower head and drain
Photo 1 shows other head designs of an infinite number!


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