Solar Hybrid Air Conditioner

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India has tremendous scope of generating solar energy and so India’s innovators have proven that ordinary people are indeed capable of extraordinary inventions. Mr. Manoj Gattani, who currently works with Inventive Clean Energy Technologies Pvt Ltd, has recently comes up with his new invention where large amounts of electricity can be saved by using solar energy in AC. He has named it “Parda AC” or “Screen AC.” This AC can be adjusted anywhere very easily as it's customized designed. It has Arun Thermal Storage Cavity which is used to store thermal energy for night time applications.

The embodiment of the hybrid AC system contains standard compressor, evaporator, condenser and refrigerant. A solar hybrid air conditioning system is adapted for converting waste heat energy into useful heat energy. The system includes a plurality of heat absorbing units, a heat exchange unit, a coolant, a condenser, an expansion valve, a control unit and an evaporator. The plurality of heat absorbing units is adapted to absorb the waste heat energy from the environment. The heat exchange unit is adapted to exchange the absorbed heat energy to the compressor unit. The compressor unit utilizes the absorbed heat energy for increasing the temperature and pressure of the coolant. The condenser is adapted to condense the high temperature and pressure coolant into a liquid. The expansion valve is adapted to reduce the pressure and temperature of the liquid coolant. The evaporator is adapted to evaporate the coolant from a liquid state into a gaseous state. It can be used for big premises, high rise buildings ,and vehicles.


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    It may change drastically the electricity consumption pattern in cooling and heating system
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