Reusable & Recyclable U-shaped Frames For The Packaging, Transportation & Storage Of Tube Bundles

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Today conventional Tube- or Profile Bundles are Hexagonal/Square or Rectangular in cross section and are made with the use of Wooden planks and/or Steel straps.

Our invention, using so called EPS-modules (Eco Pack Stack) has the following features:

- The Modules fit into each other (like LEGO blocks) so that stacking & transportation is much safer. No more bundles shifting relative to each other and the need for large beam posts necessary to prevent bundles from falling down!
- Bundles are 1.200 mm wide, which results in a much safer pile than is the case with narrower bundles.
- 1.200 wide also means that there will be no more "middle pile" on container- or truck loads, which very often leads to unsafe situations with loading & un-loading.
- Forks, of fork trucks, side loaders or reach trucks, do not stick out behind the bundles => less danger for lifting something unintentionally behind the handled bundle(s)!
- Bundles that are not flat on top (incomplete row), no longer cause stacking safety issues.
- No more combustible materials (dry wood) inside the factories.

- Forks, of fork trucks, side loaders or reach trucks, do not stick out behind the bundles => no damage on products behind the handled ones.
- Forks, of fork trucks, side loaders or reach trucks, do not touch the bundled products anymore (they are in contact with the modules instead).
- Securing loads on trucks, by means of heavy straps, no longer damage the top corner products because the straps do not touch the products anymore; the straps will go over the modules instead.
- The weight of bundles on top of a pile do not cause load on the bottom products & straps. Hence; no more heavy steel straps required. Cheaper polyester straps are sufficient.

- Packaging automation is much easier with always the same modules at fixed center distance (even number of modules/bundle: 2/4/6/8…)
- With 1.200 mm wide bundles: generally means more tubes or profiles per bundle than with conventional bundles => less handling.
- Higher safe stacking possible => Less floor space required for the same km of product.
-Quicker loading/un-loading of trucks
- Easy compact return transport of empty modules (modules hook into each other so that no pallets are required for handling them).
-Unlike packaging wood, the Modules can be stored outside of the building, without risk of rusting (oxidation).

-Packaging cost/m product will be lower

-No waste packaging materials anymore, because of the new plastic re-useable & recyclable modules in combination with polyester straps.


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