Heat and electricity power generator, with electric co-generator function

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The invention refers to a generator for thermal power and electricity with the electrical co-generator function, which, through the regeneration of a part of the energy consumed and by conjugation of the physical conversion phenomena developed during operation, converts the reclaimed energy in order to replenish the cogenerator.

The invention is composed of a pulse motor hammer (A) with the function to accumulate the energy of movement produced by an engine with variable reluctance (M). The engine hammer with pulse (A), regenerating the electrical energy from the cycle of the generator of the engine with the variable reluctance (M) by generating the electromagnetic pulse produced by the coil (20) develop a force of magnetic rejection on the set of magnets (4) which form a joint body with the rotor (3) then sends an impulse to the angular momentum of movement, which brings each magnet on the rotor (3) in the magnetic field points of a magnetic device (22), where, through the magnetic interaction between the magnets on the rotor and the field of the magnetic field generated by the magnet device (22) ; the impulse motional electro is amplified in motion of the point of rotation from the magneto-kinetic impulse and thus the electrical energy reclaimed is converted into rotational kinetic energy and participates in the conservation of the kinetic energy accumulated The engine hammer with pulse (A) which uses its shaft joint (5) to transmit the kinetic energy on the generator for thermal energy (B) that transforms the kinetic energy into thermal energy through the Lorentz effect.

At the outlet of the shaft (5) of the generator for thermal energy (B) a magnetic clutch, composed of magnetic halves, is attached (31) and (32) through which the rotational kinetic energy acquired is transmitted to to a reduction gear (R) and to the multipolar generator with permanent magnets (G) for alternative electricity which is contained by the stabilizer (S) distributed through the electrical instrument (T) and via the feeder (a) the regenerated energy through the operation of the engine with variable reluctance (M), the energy of the extinguishment process produced by the coil (20), a part of the electrical energy produced by the electrical generator (G) and photovoltaic energy, in figures 1 and 5, is accumulated in the group of batteries and by the inverter (I) is converted properly and transmitted in the electronic switch (EC) which supplies the engine with reluctant variable (M) and thus the process of operation is repeated.


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