Archimedes Ship

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The best way to describe this invention is an Archimedes screw that runs the length of a ship’s hull. It contrasts a conventional ship by replacing the single screw or propeller with the full length Archimedes screw. Upon startup the Archimedes screw will require extra torque but once moving the inertia should reduce the load on the device driving it. One drawback is the amount of space taken up in the ship’s hold, but that should be overridden by the secondary benefit of the device also acting as a ballast helping to stabilize the vessel. Different tweaks to this device could be the number of twists per meter, a larger inlet and smaller outlet giving a “jet” effect.

Additional applications for this device may include submarines, torpedoes, and underwater drones.


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    Duane Cambre
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    Retired Aerospace
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    Young's Modulus
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    History of Archimedes
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