The idea is a multifunction Unit integrated into the antenna block of a vehicle that can solve several related issues as:
a) safety
b) passenger assistance
c) vehicle insurance in the event of accidents or theft
d) connection of the vehicle and its electronic systems to the network and

Three different shaped reactionless lift systems.

All three engines are driven by an electric compressor for air circulation with reactionless magic lift effect as the total force result.

Dynamic Energy Technologies has patented a means of utilizing vehicle ride motion to generate electrical power. This electrical energy downloads the inefficient ICE/alternator combination. A 90% efficient alternator powered by a 20% average duty cycle ICE gas engine wastes 82% of the fuel consumed when producing electrical energy.

The researchers at NC State have conceptualized a new mode of transportation that solves the circulatory transit problem, with travel distances of less than 10 miles or less, these areas are too far to walk and too short to drive. A large number of sites like college campuses,

A new mode of combustion in the IC Engine has been significantly demonstrated, patented and can achieve near ideal combustion. This mode would occur in the cylinder proper and retain all combustion from an accelerated start to a complete finish.

Engines currently used in range extender of electric vehicles are complex and expensive. Electric vehicle needs a very efficient range extender able to use alternative fuels, and which also does not affect its useful space, does not increase weight,

The Active Suspension is one that can be useful for Supercars which utilize their Active suspension for maintaining center of gravity as low as possible, so that on the corners the car won't skid.

Aim- To increase the corner stability (at a time line change on the road), reduce the turning radius of vehicle.

Automobile plays an important role not only in transportation of goods and passengers but also in development of countries. As per the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturer (SIAM),

We consider a new design of adaptive suspension systems of vehicles with better technical characteristics and functional abilities in comparison with existing designs. We have developed the following main suspension components of vehicles: a lockable adaptive shock absorber with a wide range of control performance, implementing "lockout"

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