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Introducing the concept two-wheeled vehicle called myROBObike. It’s a robust electric motorbike that balances and drives by itself. A typical modern day electric bike utilizes gyroscopes latest technology for self-balancing but with a novel feature of having the ability to transform into robot, the size of a travelling suitcase. A robot that could be with you wherever you go. In the office work or at home, plug it in for power charging. In malls, you need not to look for parking spaces for you can walk with it while you do your shopping. Tired of walking? Turn this robot into a personal transporter. This is what separates myROBObike from other concept two-wheeled vehicle you see on the Internet. Never been seen before, this promising product could revolutionize transportation technology. This will change the way people move in and around the city. There is more! myROBObike is capable of shape shifting from motorbike to a personal transporter on the go. No need to stop your bike to change form. Imagine you hitting the road from home to work office on a faster motorbike and, upon reaching downtown close to your work office, you slow down and switch your motorbike into a transporter in seconds.

The three main components of myROBObike are front wheel assembly, rear wheel assembly and the main body. Two joints connect these three components and the main body being in the middle when it is in a motorbike form. Since electric drive motors are directly coupled in both front and rear wheels, the upper portion of the structure is hollow making more space inside. This is where the creator of the concept myROBObike saw the opportunity to play with and in the process discovered how to transform the motorbike into a robot and personal transporter. Shape shifting is made possible by a mechanism that makes both front and rear wheel to move side ways during transition. In the same moment, rear wheel assembly gradually moves inside the main body with the help of rack and pinion gear. Rotary actuator at the main joint makes the three components to swing in until both wheels are aligned with the main body standing upright to form into a robot. To turn into personal transporter, another gear mechanism installed inside wheel drum causes the fork to bend 90 degree on both front and wheel assembly. Another joint at the main body is provided for steering purposes. For road condition, the same two joints in the upper and lower part of main body will cushion the impact. This vehicle is powered by lithium battery. Body structure is made up of light material aluminum.

With this smart vehicle in place, the following benefits could be attained: Reduce vehicular accident, reduce traffic congestion, reduce carbon emission, reduce noise pollution and eliminate parking space problem.

This is the real transformer in the making. Join us and be part of the team in creating the future of transportation. It’s coming sooner than you think.



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