Steering Wheel Steerable Track Laying Vehicle (Tank / Tractor / Robot Feet)

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Multidirectional flexable track can allow a motorized tank, tractor, or other track laying vehicle to have its front guide-sproketed-pulley-wheels to be physically turned on a verticale axis thereby turning the vehicle. Multidirectional flexable segmented tracks are often used as electrical wire cable guides in industrial factory automation and linear translation stages in laser micropositining equipment,. Recently, a toy called Magic Trax uses a flexable segmented track for toy cars to ride along a repositionable toy roadway track. The track can flex up, down, left, and right.

In the steerable track laying vehicle, turning a typical steering wheel can turn the front track guide-sproketed-pulley-wheels on a vertical axis which then turns the front of the track guiding the track and the vehicle into a turn. The track laying vehicle will turn. Turning friction with the ground, in long tracked vehicles, is reduced by lifting the lower track near the ground, up off the ground between the front and back wheels, with roller wheels lifting projections on the inner side of the track. It won't tear up the ground as tanks do, but it will allow the vehicle to climb up and roll over obstacles. Short track vehicles like robot tractor base/feet don’t need the lower track to be lifted. A differential dual track speed control can be linked to the steering wheel. Single track vehicles are also possible. Optionally, flotation box like modules attached to segments of the track enable the vehicle to float and drive above water.


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