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A business named evolving electric motor company (eemc) was founded to create an extended range (ER) hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) drive train (initially) for any and all types of vehicles driven by an internal combustion engine (ICE), plus any vehicle already operating strictly on electricity. These capacities can increase the fuel economy of any ICE driven vehicle by at least 200% and offer nonstop performance (no stop to charge batteries) to all electric vehicles.

Using a full series (FS) hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) can:

Offer the aforementioned increase in fuel economy;

Provide EV efficiency to all types of vehicles;

Extend the range of any current electric vehicle;

Convert any vehicle using an ICE to a FS ER HEV;

Use a vehicle to grid (V2G) option to charge home or office batteries when the sun isn't shining and the winds are calm (vehicle must be parked in a well ventilated area);

Obviate diesel power trains, because electric motors have superior torque from the very start of motor rotation;

Provide actual fuel mileage instead of miles per gallon equivalent (MPGe);

Use current gasoline production and distribution infrastructure for electricity generation;

Be available for alternative electricity generating capacity... Should hydrogen production and distribution infrastructure become sufficient, fuel cells could be used to generate electricity;

Using technology from eemc would make any vehicle a partial zero emissions vehicle (PZEV).

This is the promise of an FS ER HEV PZEV with V2G capacity from evolving electric motor company.

Identification of numbered items in the
View of an eemc undercarriage:

1. EM/G (electric motor generator);
2. Differential;
3. Transmission;
4. ICE (internal combustion engine);
5. Power Supply;
6. Battery;
7. Fuel Tank;
8. Axles;
9. Wheels and Tires.


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