Electric School Bus

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An electric school bus can meet industry needs and save costs at the same time. With funding, my company can build and deploy electric school buses with range extending power generation on board that can surpass any school bus performance on the road today. Based on the successful Chevrolet Volt, a school bus equipped with the same range extending technology can be the new standard for school bus fleets. Each bus will have a basic range for 100% electric propulsion with the ability to continue after the battery is depleted using the range extending power generation system. Imagine pollution free school buses with the ability for extended range if needed. Each bus can be run in the AM and recharged for PM runs. School buses are an ideal platform for electric because they run a certain distance in the AM and then return to base and park. While parked, they can recharge for the PM routes allowing for zero pollution.

The bus transportation services industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. Millions of people ride buses to and from school or work each day. Economic and ecological developments, as well as, rising energy costs have negatively impacted all transportation companies. The resulting increased expenses of exhaust filters, fuel, and other pollution controls mandated to be installed on buses has reduced the availability of school bus transportation services and increased the costs of providing services at the same time when the demand for bus services is increasing. A void of available bus services has appeared as a result and Clear Sky Electric Transportation Inc. is uniquely positioned to fill that void. With proper funding, Clear Sky can secure a leading position in this market by using a bus fleet that is all-electric, less expensive, and zero pollution.



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    James Lutz
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    Business Owner/Manager
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    I would like to see electric school buses become the standard for school transportation. I work in school busing and see a real need for cleaner, safer, and more efficient transportation.
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