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TOPIC: Improvements in On-Road-Vehicles takes inspiration from Aerofoil Sections and Ekranoplans.

As per Illustration 1- principles of Ekranoplan can be used to reduce fuel consumption of vehicles- like trucks- by reducing their effective weight, which would lead to reduction in friction, which in turn, would lead to reduction in traction torque, which in turn would lead to reduced fuel consumption. An aerofoil section attached to the underside would lead to an upward force being exerted. This would lead to reduction in load on the wheels and bearings, which in turn would lead to reduced torque requirements and reduced fuel consumption.

As per Illustration 2- Again, principles of aerofoil can be used to increase the friction between vehicle and the road, thereby preventing skidding while turning at high speeds. If the aerofoil slope is upward, the resulting force would be downward, thereby keeping the vehicle from skidding while turning.

*Current design of vehicles mostly limits itself to reduction of aerodynamic friction, it does not utilise possibility of creation of extra upward/ downward forces , while the vehicle is moving.
* It is novel application -of existing ideas and principles -to On Road Vehicles.
*Market potential is good, considering running costs, while initial cost would not be much either. It is not complicated technology.
*Design works by utilising creation of upward /downward forces by using simple metal sheets.
*Manufacturing is very simple, by using existing welding techniques. Ready material can be procured from the market.
*Production cost would be marginally higher, being far outweighed by saving during running of the vehicle, and reducing road accidents as result of skidding.


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