High Performance Continuous Internal Combustion Engine

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My name is Ionel Mihailescu. I am Canadian, mechanical engineer, designer, P. Eng. I am located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I invented a new and much more efficient, internal combustion engine. I call it, High Performance Continuous Internal Combustion Engine. I got the Patent Grant in USA, US 8,464,685 B2, June 18, 2013; Canada, 2,785,540, 2014/12/09. My engine is working as a continuous piston, where would be a continuous auxiliary piston-cylinder, with external actuation, pushing air in a main piston-cylinder, where the burning take place continuous. If we would neglect friction, heat or  PV, (pressure*volume, of the gasses) lost, I would get with my engine the maximum possible useful energy. So, almost all the extra PV created by burning will be transformed in useful work.

My engine will have the thermal efficiency, about 55%, does not need starter, has no idling, does not need a transmission, needs just a speed reducers, and is very powerful at low size and weight. My engine is, theoretical and practical, the most efficient, internal combustion engine, most powerful, most reliable, very cheap, and the pollution will be the lowest. Also my engine can use any kind of gas or liquid fuel. To change from one kind of fuel to another, one will need just to change the injector and the computer program. All this make my engine the one of the best in the world today.

Technology and materials, to build my engine, already exist.


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    I wanted to get the most possible power from burning fuel.
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