Easing Parking Capability of Car Through Sixth Sense Technology

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One of the most serious problems in highly populated areas is increasing number of cars day by day and that leads to even more serious problem of parking cars.The insufficient space leads to traffic jams on roads causing stress mentally and physically during travel.

But one of the most ignored part of parking is the space that we leave between two cars just to be able to keep the gates open while entering or exiting the car.This space can be reduced using sixth sense technology parking for cars thereby increasing space for more cars.

The setup would require car with automatic transmission and electric power steering, a camera, a sixth sense technology interface with web server( as developed by Pranav Mistry), a microcontroller probably arduino or raspberry pi platform, an actuator giving throttle to car connected to microprocessor.

The idea is that a camera would be installed in front of the car.This camera will be connected to sixth sense technology interface through web server and will capture data based on hand gesture.This input of hand gesture from user will be converted into digital signals and processed in arduino/raspberry pi and accordingly giving output to motor controlling electric power steering so as to which direction it has to rotate.

Also the output signal will throttle the car in case of automatic transmission through an actuator.The only thing to be kept in mind is that car shouldn't be in parking or neutral mode when placed in parking.

Hence I could place my car in a narrow parking space or take out my car from parking space while standing in front of my car through hand gesture.

This would help me to also save my as well as others car from minor accidents that happen during parking in small spaces.


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    Akshat Joshi
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    Creo parametric and Ansys
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    The fast changing world of vehicle technology and drastic increase in number of vehicles will require a solution to accomodate them with ease.
    This inspired me to think for this design.
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    arduino IDE and sixth sense open source
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