Fuel Quality Analyzer

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We all are acquainted with severe problem regarding the fuel adulteration in most of the developing and under developed nations. Fuel quality plays a major role in the maintenance of the engine health and controlling the major polluting compounds like NOx, Soot and unburnt Hydrocarbon emission.

We have come up with an advanced idea to solve the issues in this field, This project will further give the power to each and every individual associated with the vehicles to monitor the Fuel Quality they are buying from the station by just looking at their vehicle's dashboard. And further this can help the respective officials to track down the fuel adulterers, hence enhancing the efficiency and quality of the Automobile sector.

Fuel tank fitted with the Refractive Index sensor responsible to sense the amount of life diffused after passing through the fuel. The light is emitted from the LED lamp which is situated just below the Fuel Lid powered through the vehicle’s electrical harness.The working of the fuel quality analyzer is simple. When the fuel is inserted in the fuel tank, the light positioned in fuel lid will be switched on. So the amount of dispersed light will be detected by refractive index sensor. And the fuel quality will be analyzed by a microcontroller (possibly Arduino UNO).


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