New Crimping Technique

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What is the new crimping technique?
It is dependent on fixing hose fittings on the lathe then feeding rotating roller slowly until crimping is made.

Principle of a new crimping technique
1- if we put a hollow cupper pipe on the rotating lathe spindle
2- if we use two fixed roller as a stand for the rotating hollow cupper pipe.
3- in the carriage lathe we put another roller we called it as crimped roller.
4- When the lathe begin to work , spindle rotating and hollow cupper pipe rotating. The crimped roller on the carriage begin to slowly feeding to the rotating hollow pipe and the result is rotating groove on the hollow pipe
5- The resulting rotating groove is the crimping result.

Applied a new crimping technique on air Truck hose horn
we have a Magirus Deutz truck and we applied this new technique on its air horn hose where the working pressure between 7 to 9 bar . we put a hose fitting on the lathe spindle instead of hollow cupper pipe and the result was amazing.


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