Electric Generating Turbo

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Electric Generating Turbo, EGT, is comprised of a turbine, the turbine wheel, the shaft, a rotor, stator and a set of neodymium rare earth magnets. The unique feature of our invention is the custom designed generator application. This function utilizes the thermal heat in the exhaust gasses to spin the rotor within the stator creating electrical power. With increasing issues related to fuel prices, usage and quantity, automotive technology is not advancing fast enough to accommodate these problems. The EGT system can help reduce these problems by utilizing more energy out of the fuel. The major key benefit is increasing fuel economy, in addition to better engine performance, and quieter engine operation.

EGT can be marketed to many different combustion engine applications, such as but not limited to: hybrids, semi-trucks, industrial generators, RV's, marine applications, military applications, etc. EGT can assist either by energy storage (i.e. battery storage for Hybrid application) or direct use to help assist an A/C compressor on a semi-truck. Just for your information, semi-trucks are the leading fuel consumption vehicles on the road. There are 26.4 million trucks registered in the U.S, and 20 percent of our on-road fuel consumption goes to semi-trucks. If we apply EGT to help these semi-trucks become more fuel efficient, the consumption rate will decrease and thus cause less emissions.

Our idea differs from other platforms in the market by having an air cooled generator. Having an air cooled generator greatly simplifies the system with less moving parts and cheaper manufacturability.



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