Fuel Free Transport System Based on Seesaw Track

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I'm presenting a very unique concept regarding a train system which will move with its own power. There will be no need of any kind of Engine to move the train as it will move on an Inclined track and it will be a great step in the mobility and transport innovation.

As per sketch there will be a track system which will work like a SEESAW system.There will be two seperate small seesaw track system on the front and backpart of the main seesaw track.Two motors will be attached with the help of a 'L' form crank with the main seesaw track and small seesaw track system will also have two motors attached with'L' form crank.

The main seesaw track system will be mounted on the pillars and these pillars will work as a support to the track and train coach.There will be also a LOCK system attached with each pillars and this lock system will work to hold the pillars and track system on an inclined position.There will be some generators which will be attached with the wheel of Train coach and these generators will work to generate electricity to use in the train coach.There will also a permanenet magnetic linear generator system which will work to generate electricity and supply this electricity to the Grid.


When motor(1) will (Right to left direction) work to press the main seesaw track then the whole main track system will be inclined at the 15 to 20 degree angle and the lock system will be activate and will work to lock the pillars to hold the position of track system. Now the brake will be removed and train coach will be started to move due to gravity.
In this way this technology will work.

When the train coach will be arrive to the end of main track system then the motor (A) will work to press the small seesaw track and this track and train coach will move on the small track and a sudden brake will work to hold this train coach.

Here are some following salient features of this technology.

(1)There will be a need of very very less energy to move the train because we all know that to move a balanced position thing there is only need of less energy so the motors attached with small and main seesaw sytem with the help of 'L' form crank will work on less energy and after starting the train coach there will be no need of this initial energy as train coach will generate energy itself with the help of wheel attached generators and magnetic linear generators to supply this electricity to the grid ,from where motors can get electricity.The electricity generated by this train coach will be sufficient to run the whole system.
(2)It will be a very very much low cost solution and will be also a boon for transportation.
(3)It will be light weight , Eco friendly and a very low maintenance.


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