Automatic Vehicle’s Turn Signal Based on the Steering Angle, Center of Gravity and Bike Stand Position

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Field of the invention:
This invention is related to automatic turn signal ON/OFF based on the steering angle of the vehicle, center of gravity of the vehicle and side stand position.

Turn signal switch ON/OFF based on driver/rider input

Brief summary of the invention:
When the driver/rider fails to put the indicator,
1) Based on the steering angle, respective indicator light automatically gets ON/OFF. This automatic signal will be useful when the driver/rider fails to put the indicator while entering the road from parking, during U turn, reversing the vehicle, both the indicator light will be ON (if the driver/rider puts wrong direction indication while turning), when the driver/rider is unable to put the indication during sudden turn.
2) The device which is used to measure the center of gravity can be used to trigger the turn signal indication.
3) Left turn signal indication light will be ON, if the bike stand position is ON.
We can do all the above indications for existing/upcoming vehicle without adding any major component (such as cluster modification and adding sensor). We need to take the wire from the existing circuit and connect it to the respective switch.

Brief summary of the description:
the driver/rider has to connect the supply wire (S) to the indicator wire (L or R) and the respective light will glow.
My invention is connecting/disconnecting the supply wire with the indicator wire based on steering angle of the vehicle. For example, when the steering is straight both supply wire and indicator wire remain disconnected (no supply to indicator light). When the rider takes turn from steering start angle (SSA) to full turn angle (FTA) the supply wire will be connected with indicator wire and the respective light will glow.
When the rider changes the center of gravity, the ball connects the supply wire with indicator wire.
In the bike stand-off position, the supply wire and indicator wire get disconnected (no signal to the indicator) and in the bike stand-on position, the supply wire and indicator wire get connected (signal to the indicator). So left side indication gets ON to take the vehicle towards left side.

Automatic turn signal is based on the vehicle’s steering angle, center of gravity and bike stand position. Steering-angle-based indication not only depends on driver/rider decision, but also avoids person to person variation, avoids driver/rider ignorance and avoids wrong direction indication. Automatic turn Indication is possible during sudden turn, turn indication by center of gravity, left side indication (when the rider’s bike stand position is on (it will intimate that the rider is taking left and insist other riders to give way).

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