Modelling and Control of Three Phase Switching Motor Dedicated to Electric Cars

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Abstract: This study concern a design and control methodology of an innovated structure of three phases switching synchronous motor. The design process is based on analytical method taking in account of the interactions between the control algorithm and the design program. The control strategy is based on the pulse width modulation technique imposing currents sum of a continuous value and a value having a shape varying in phase opposition with respect to the variation of the inductances. This control technology can greatly reduce vibration of the entire system due to the strong fluctuation of the torque developed by the engine, generally characterizing switching synchronous motors. Subsequently, a systemic design and control program is developed. This program is validated following the implementation and the simulation of the control model in the simulation environment Matlab-Simulink. Simulation results are with good scientific level and encourage subsequently the industrialization of the global system.
Key-Words: Electric Car, Three Phases Switching Synchronous Motor, Modelling, Vibrations, Sizing, Control.


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    Souhir Tounsi
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    Analytic Computation for Electric Engines Simulator, Matlab, Finite Element Simulator (FEMM 4.2), Genetic Algorithms Simulator for performances optimization.
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