Quick Look Safety Drone

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Police officer safety is at risk when approaching a vehicle during a traffic stop. A Quick Look safety drone system could be used to give police officers a heads up when making traffic stops. Many commercial quadcopter drones available on the market today are automated and user friendly. A palm sized drone could be modified to launch from an officers palm held out the window of the police cruiser during a traffic stop. The drone would follow a pre-programmed course to fly forward 20 feet or so to the vehicles driver window and hover in place. The officer, while still safely in the cruiser, could view the wireless HD video from the drone on the dash screen available in all police cruisers. This would give the officer a "Quick Look" before ever approaching the vehicle. The officer could determine the number of occupants, possibly see any weapons, any contraband, and even view if the detainees are acting suspicious or normal. It would be possible to couple the drone feed with a "Google Glass" type of device so the officer could continue to view the occupants as he/she approached the danger area of the drivers window. The drone could be pre-programmed to auto shut off when the officer reaches a palm underneath the drone. This could save lives and provide valuable information for the officer. The video could even be used as evidence in how the arrests were made, in case of any disputes.


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