Electrically Operated Flywheel in IC Engine

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Petrol usage can be minimized by operating the flywheel upto certain speed by DC series motor and latter by petrol. It provides speed and have lower fuel consumption.

Petrol can be available only for 64 years. The alternate source for petrol is Liquified Petroleum Gas. So the only way to use petrol in an effective manner is the way of using it in a hybrid manner.

On moving the vehicle, we need higher torque. Hence the only way to produce higher torqe in electrical manner is by connecting armature and field winding in series manner i.e DC series motor.

Flywheel can be made of hard grade cast iron and kept hollow upto a depth of 15 cm. It can be made into dc series motor by connecting armature and field windings inside the hollow portion. Magneto coils were kept above and below. Current can be drawn from battery and it can be rechargable.

On shifting the transmission from electrical to engine, high grade sensor technology is used and it is made under fuzzy logic manner. Braking can be done in regenerative manner.


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