Automatic Pneumatic Bumper for Four Wheelers

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Automatic pneumatic bumper is used to prevent the driver and vehicle from collisions. This design converts the impact load into a gradual load. Design has a UV sensor which senses the obstacles and UV receiver which sends the signal to the control unit which has a compressed air cylinder, lever aur velocity sensor. Velocity sensor measures the speed. When the speed is above the limit automatic lever opens which the compressed air cylinder which actuate the piston cylinder so the bumper is open bumper has a sleeve on which a spring is attached which converts the impact load into gradual load.

This design came to our mind because the green report of vehicle 2014 shows that more accidents happen due to high speed when vehicle collision happens all impact load applied but our design converts the impact load into a gradual load which reduce the death rate. Our design provides the total life safety of driver and passenger.


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    Vikash Sengar
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    Vikash Singh sengar Rajat parihar Sachin Patel Uday nagwanshi Suryakant tripathi
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