Hybrid – Traffic Mode in Automobiles

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In the modern era the need for fuel efficiency is highly required as there is a stigma that World War-3 would arise due to fuel and water crisis. A survey in 2012 estimated 3,900,000,000 gallons of gasoline wasted each year in the U.S. by idling vehicles. By 2020, it will be difficult to buy a new vehicle that runs while idling. So we are here to put forward our idea on hybrid traffic modes in automobiles.

While waiting at the traffic signals most of us would never switch off our engine due to two reasons: one is the universal fact which is Homo sapiens laziness and the other is an agitation that whether engine would start again and also while travelling in traffic jams most of our fuel is invested and wasted in driving the car. These problems are overlooked and a solution is created in our project. In this project we have a special type of gear slot in the gear changing mechanism called traffic mode. While waiting at traffic signals the driver using gear rod switches to the traffic mode. By this sequence of operation we are manually separating the clutch from the flywheel hence the motion in constrained within the engine. In addition we are cutting down the fuel to two cylinders in the case of a four cylinder engine hence the engine runs in ideal condition with only two cylinders getting the fuel. When we try to move our car in traffic jam with traffic mode at on, our vehicle moves with the power which comes purely from electric motors; the batteries are recharged by the engines with the help of alternators. Hence the vehicle moves smoothly without any intervention. For this mechanism we are placing two hub motors at rear wheels. These hub motors also help in regenerative braking and help us to drive in slopes with engine in off condition and thus helping in increasing the fuel efficiency.


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