Application of Daniel Bernoulli's Method at Truck and Wagon for Fuel Saving

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It is necessary to decrease use of conventional energy to save the world from pollution, warming and limited stock of fuel. Continuously research is running by many researcher/scientist and we have gained muchany success. I am not a scientist or researcher; I am an innovator only. I have think an idea to save fuel by using law of honorable Daniel Bernoulli at truck and wagon.

In case of heavy truck (loading), two wings like airplane of length 105cm and width 90cm (in maximum spreeded part) to be fitted at the top of back side of body/container. It will be not fixed, it to be fitted with a temporary structure. The structure to be make of easy fitting and opening system. Two wings to be fitted upon the middle of this structure and those will be stay from middle towards side of a truck and side part of wings will stay free. The stand of wings (for which it will be joint with structure) to be make folding system, so that it can lay on body when need.

When the loading truck will run, the two wings will try to lift this truck’s back side from road to up. But truck will be not float at air, because speed of loading truck is less than 60km/hour and for spring plate are fitted at truck. The spring plate will arise to up for some inches. So weight of goods will not give full pressure at tire, spring plate and engine and it will be feel that, the truck is empty. Then to be done by driver, release some pressure on acceletor, so that speed will be not more than 60km/hour. Thus fuel will save with tire, engine and every spare parts.

In case of wagon, length of wings will be within 150cm and width will be 120cm(at maximum spreeded part). Four wings need for per bogy of rake. This four wings to be fitted at two place by keeping same distance up on the roof of wagon. Structure(which will catches the wings) will be deferent form structure of truck. Wagon train can run at more than 60km/hour, no speed limitation is need for wagon, like truck.

I think that, the process should not use at passenger or light weight car because accident may be occur any time for its weightless method.


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