SMART Vision Windshield

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Safety of the passengers has always been the top priority of the automobile industry. OEM’s are spending a huge sum on research and development of vehicles that not only give feel of power, comfort & luxury but also ensure the safety of the occupant. Quality infrastructure, hi-tech expressways and roads around the world has inspired man to take roadways as better mode of transport.

Road travels / trips are increasing every year. Governments and OEMs are giving their best to make road transport faster, cheaper & most important safer. As compare to day travels, night travels are more risky & dangerous. Probable causes are man is tired out of daily routine and feel drowsy in night, visibility in night decreases, glares of oncoming & following vehicle put strain on your eyes.

One of the main reasons to avoid the night drive is glare from oncoming & following vehicle. The concept is to project the normal view which driver sees on the windshield. The view will be same as seen from a human eye but displayed on windshield with better visibility and clarity. The front cameras will display the front view on windshield without distracting the driver. The display on the windshield will be same as normal view that the driver sees from his/her eyes. The display will help the driver to have antiglare view along with better visibility of the road and traffic. This will also help to improve visibility distance of the driver.

There is a night vision assist system developed by many OEMS and also being used. But this night vision assist system will display the view of a human eye with more clarity and details on the SMART windshield. The view from SMART Windshield will be normal during the day time. This application will make use of the following components.
1) Infrared camera
2) Thermal camera
3) Image processor
4) Transparent (transparent conductor) screen on which the view can be displayed.

SMART Windshield will help us to reduce the accidents during night adding to one of the most important active safety feature. It can be also used during foggy weather, by planes while landing during no visible conditions, trains, etc. in all means of transport. The vast use of this application will reduce its manufacturing cost and it will be easily available to everyone. This application will help to reduce the accidents during night and encourage more people to opt out for road transport.


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