360° Camera System

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The idea is a multifunction Unit integrated into the antenna block of a vehicle that can solve several related issues as:
a) safety
b) passenger assistance
c) vehicle insurance in the event of accidents or theft
d) connection of the vehicle and its electronic systems to the network and its infrastructures.

The Unit comprises two portions: the first one is placed externally to the vehicle; the second one is positioned inside the vehicle. The portions include a plurality of antennas, telephones and detection modules, power modules, communication modules for communication outside and inside the vehicle. They include also cameras for a 360° internal and external vision and storage modules for recording the pictures taken by them.

The first portion placed externally to the vehicle includes:
• a first external camera with a 360° vision outside the vehicle,
• a plurality of antennas, such as GPS, GPRS, GSM, FM and digital FM,
• a light and/or acoustic emergency warning device;
The second portion placed inside the vehicle includes:
• a communications module (i.e. WiFi, BT, BTLE, LORA, NB-IoT, etc.),
• a storage module,
• a crash and/or anti-theft module equipped with inertial, pressure and/or volumetric sensors and with at least one gyroscope,
• a battery power supply module,
• an electronic processing module connected with the vehicle wiring lines
• a phone module, a hands-free module connected to a hands-free device,
• an emergency button,
• an emergency signalling device
• an inner camera with a 360° vision inside the vehicle.

The crash and/or anti-theft module is configured to carry out, in the event of an accident, an automatic rescue call, while the emergency button is configured to carry out a manual rescue call with automatic communication via the hands-free module and the hands-free device.

If the inner camera detects the presence of people or animals remained closed in the vehicle with the vehicle stationary and parking-in, the Unit automatically actives a rescue call, while if the external camera detects the presence of people or things placed near the vehicle the Unit automatically actives a warning acoustic signal/alarm.

The acoustic and/or light indicator is activated both in case of forgetting a passenger on board of the vehicle and in case of emergency or in the absence of telephone signal coverage or after a certain period of time from the incoming of a rescue call that remains unanswered

Both the cameras are configured to record images during an accident and the images will be recorded and saved within the storage module following the incident detection by the crash and/or anti-theft module, so that it is possible to analyse the accelerometer data and synchronize and cross the data with the recorded and saved images.

External and inner cameras are used, in case of theft, to detect external movements and record any unauthorized movements, by reading the signals coming from inertial sensors of crash and/or antitheft module and/or by means of the pressure sensor and/or volumetric sensor of the crash and/or anti-theft module.


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    Manuele Cavalli
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    Manuele Cavalli Igor Martinelli
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    Business Owner/Manager
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    To solve the problem:
    - Children safety (in case of vehicle manovering or child forgetting inside vehicle)
    - Crasch reconstruction
    - Theft
    - Support and rescue SOS calling
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    Inventor showcase- Adobe suite
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