Plug-in Hybrid Scooter

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Environmental pollution is increasing day by day in India and the world. From one report 10% of total pollution is produced through automotive engines. And economy of engine will decreases day by day by increasing in its cc capacity for higher power output, it directly cause to higher pollution in air. To control that pollution increasing day by day I have made this vehicle Plug-in Hybrid scooter.

This scooter is work on both Petrol as well as on Battery. Front wheel of this vehicle is a BLDC wheel attached motor which propelled by a Battery power which is located at front side. And RR wheel is attached with ordinary a CVT gear with petrol engine.

During City ride OR Small distance of travelling we can drive it on Battery power. Motor is connected with battery via controller. Controller is of 48volts and 750w capacity where as the Motor is of 48 volts and 750watt capacity. We can drive it at 50-60 kms at full charge battery of 48 volts and 24 amph capacity. By attaching this kit to your bike it will increases weight near by 32kgs include battery and other circuits. It has a selector switch by which you can select a driving mode either Electric drive or Petrol drive.

By attaching this circuit it will increase load on your scooter/bike. our ordinary petrol scooter/bike give us average of 45kmpl but by attaching this circuit you can drive it near by 80kmpl average.

This is also work as an second energy source, If you drive your bike in petrol mode and suddenly engine stops working at that time you can drive it on Battery/Electric mode.


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    Vaibhav Chhatrala
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    One day I am riding on my scooter and petrol was emptied at that time i don't have any option instead of pulling it to the petrol station. At that time i am also thinking about the pollution producing by my scooter and secondary option for petrol.
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