Retractable Solar Tricycle

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This graduate research project utilizes the power provided from the solar panel to run new generation trike. The tricycle has all modern design with retractable structure. The entire assembly is implemented to be compact with aluminum square tube framing mounted on a tricycle. The retractable structure technology is providing Flexibility and Strength.

Main goal of the project is to create compact and flexible solar canopy and to replace the traditional one. It has been the authors' intent to create unique design for solar canopy by adding four bar linkage mechanism. Moreover, create prototype design and has being helping hand in manufacturing process. Improved design regularly with real life dimensions. This aerodynamic structure has been made by aluminum 6061 t6 material. This material is lightweight and provides more strength to structure.

The project describes unique trial and error method for selection of fusion design and testing to meet project goal.



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    Bhavin Patel
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    Shwetal Shah Shreel Shah Chirag Thummar
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    Autodesk Fusion 360
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