Advanced Tire Pressure Control System

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Many revolutionary developments have taken place in the field of tire technology, from Dunlop tire to modern tubeless tires. Everyone is focused on improving durability, better traction, fuel economy etc. Beside all these developments, tire blowout is still a common problem and it is responsible for 50,000 accidents per year only in India. There is no solution to prevent accidents after tire blowout. In the United States alone, DOT estimates that under inflated tires waste 2 billion US gallons of fuel each year.

Our system minimizes the chances of tire blowout by maintaining optimum pressure automatically and further if anyhow tire blowout occurs our system helps in maintaining control on vehicle.

Cause of accident and our solution(For heavy vehicles and SUV’s):

The root cause of accident due to tire blowout (especially front tire) is high uneven traction force available on opposite side tires and lateral weight transfer. As shown in figure 2 due to tire blowout an extra lateral force in induced in addition to the longitudinal tractive force (when moving straight). The resultant of these forces leads the vehicle in sideways and vehicle collides with barrier or nearby vehicles.

Uneven traction is a result of highly uneven tire pressure (no pressure in burst tire).In high security vehicles a backup tire is used and we are using it to support the rim in case of no pressure in tire but it is beneficial in case of puncture only. In tire burst condition, it only reduces the impact on wheel and to eliminate uneven traction of tires it is necessary to equalize the pressure of both tires. For this, we have connected both the tires through hoses and pneumatic rotary unions and using backup tire also.

Feasibility of system depends on the time in which pressure of opposite side tire releases. In testing with SUV tire 205/60R17 and ½” hoses and rotary union this time was found around 0.9s under no load condition i.e. wheels separated from vehicle and it must be under 0.5 s in loading and running condition.

•YOU CAN APPLY BRAKES which is strictly forbidden in conventional vehicles while blowout. More quickly the vehicle stops, lesser will be the damage.
•This system reduces the chance of tire blowout by maintaining optimum pressure and continuously monitoring the temperature of tire. System will alert the driver on exceeding tire temperature above limiting value.
•You can select different modes according to the terrain for maximum efficiency. There are pressure sensors, compressor, solenoidal valves. As pressure goes below a certain level compressor fills the air into tire and excessive pressure is released by solenoid valve.
•In case of sudden heavy braking tire pressure is quickly released to increase traction force and as a result stopping distance is reduced
•In case of puncher compressor can feed air continuously and you can reach to service station. No need to stick at dangerous place at night.
•This system increases fuel economy by maintaining optimum pressure.
•Lower CO2 emission and extended tire life


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