Drunken Driving Detection and Engine Locking System

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The road accident deaths are becoming a huge concern for the world. The road accident deaths are claiming 1.25 million lives every year (an estimate given by the WHO). According to 2016 reports, the country in which I live in, topped the list. In 2015, Road Crashes killed 146,133 People only in INDIA. These Figures are really very scary right. The newly adopted 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development’s has set a target of reducing number of deaths and injuries caused by traffic crashes by 2020. The Drunk and Driving cases accounts as major cause for the deaths caused due to Road Accidents. This Project Aims in reducing these Road Accident Deaths.

The device is constructed with the help of simple sensors and the audio player that comes inbuilt in every car.

Coming to the device, the device consists of a micro suction pump, which sucks in the air exhaled by the driver. The micro suction pump’s inlet unit is placed on the steering wheel. A well engineered Cabin Airflow Can help us to suck only the Drivers Exhaled Air. The Air is then filtered from the dust with the use of a removable filter. Then the Sucked in Air is examined with the help of a Breathalyzer. The Breathalyser then detects the Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) Level. If the Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) is greater than the limit imposed by the Government Authority it starts performing these series of actions.

1. The car creates an alarming sound to notify the driver that it detected alcohol.
2. It continues to sound for 3 minutes and indicates the driver to Park his vehicle.
3. If the car is still moving, then it starts breaking down smoothly.
4. Then it slowly comes to rest.
5. The driver will be allowed to move the vehicle at a maximum speed of 10kmph for 5 minutes after the car coming to rest, so that he can park his vehicle properly.
6. And now after the 5 minute grace period the engine gets locked and then the LED Screen in the Audio System connected to the engine will ask for a password to unlock the engine.
7. The car even shows a countdown on the Screen, only after the countdown finishes the engine will turn on. The countdown is calculated by how much time it needs to decrease the BAC level Detected to the imposed value of the BAC Level. (It reduces by 0.15 units in 1hr)

Now after these actions the car’s password is stored before hand in the official website of the (3D System) company and the password will be disclosed only if the car’s Owner Self Registers a complaint online in the website.One copy of the complaint goes to the government authority and the other copy will be with the company. The Driver can enter the password and the engine will unlock once the timer ‘s countdown is done. In any case of emergency, the local police under their supervision can unlock the vehicle with a special password given to them.


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    Kiran Kumar
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    I witnessed an accident when I was on my morning walk.That accident was the most horrible incident which I ever faced in my life. Later I came to know that it was the mistake of a Drunkard who came with a speed of 87 Kmph and killed a family of six driving a car. Then I felt as an Engineering Student from IIT MADRAS need to contribute something which will help reduce these. And I thought over this idea and trying to implement it.
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