An Easy to Build Sporty Car for Emerging Markets

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Considering the increasing number of people asking for the use of a car - especially in emerging markets - my work for this little sporty coupe has taken my engagement to realize a composition of shape and surfaces can be best to print in aluminium, steel, or simply plastic marterials. You have to consider in fact that current cars of that category have a number of "facets", onto the body to keep practically impossibile to join to an easy and above all, easy to repair bodywork. For emerging market o the other hand there is a strong request of "emotional vehicles," able to promote a new way to go on the streets. And with dynamicity! I preview an engine for this interesting and typical Italian-stylized vehicle: in particular the propulsive unit of the Renault TWIZY in all the different steps of power. In this way and by law this interesting sportcoupe little dimensioned could be driven also from under18 years old drivers. This will earn the number of potential aquirents. Otherwise it need to make an appareil to makes that this cheap but extremely emotional car could became a flag of current times with the add to all the electronical helps to the driver to make a guide similar and not completely like an autonomous driven.

The stylistic conception of the vehicle had privileged all the stylistic features typical of the purest Latin way to do a car, to design a coachwork. The tires are not large as footprint but the earn in aerodynamics would be tangible. Recent tendencies to substitute lateral windows with polycarbonate panels that permits the view from inside to outside and not the contrary increasing the perception of an extra modern vehicle that is able to go immersed into the traffic of Rome, NY or New Dehli or Beijing. then a four wheel vehicle that innovates in the surface treatments that remains dynamic but not so expensive to go in production. For this car is still preview also a realization that fits the 3D printers on the example of the American "Local Motors" but all the particulars of the project of the car are susceptible of strong improvements.

An Italian proposal then full of taste, automotive taste to answer to the demanding request of young people all over the world. A funny vehicle based on FIAT Panda Platform so easy to readapt to a light sporty exotic car. Emotional style, hard drive characteristic, prominent noise on the body. What a character! The mechanics it was hypnotized all made by regenerated FCA parts That permits to offer this vehicle at an attractive prize due from also the easy realization of its coachwork. In the sign of the purest Italian way to realize and diffuse cars all over the worlld in a tripudium of successes that underlines a Mediterranean item for this important material. Cars, vehicles, engines....engines of life, true life! Look at our car then! b


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