Active Suspension

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The Active Suspension is one that can be useful for Supercars which utilize their Active suspension for maintaining center of gravity as low as possible, so that on the corners the car won't skid. It functions in such a way that whenever the Driver steers around the corner either left or right then the suspensions of left side of the car will pull the chassis of the vehicle to its optimum level so that appropriate amount of drag is generated on the car and hence the car will be glued to the track giving maximum grip and downforce for the left turn. The suspension will work actively without any instruction from the Driver and only as per the steer angle and G-Force on the car. Same will work on right steer. The suspensions can also work independently on all the four wheels as per the balancing level of the car with respect to the track. This Active Suspension can be helpful for cars at maximum speed to achieve maximum downforce and no skidding of vehicle at the corners to drive the car in the fastest lane on the corners. The suspensions will be controlled with the help of a computer.



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    Hrishikesh Shinde
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    we require aerodynamic arrangement on the body of cars but it can be very useful with quick response suspension to maintain the car as low as possible to achieve maximum drag.
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