Linear Motion Wiper System

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TITLE: Linear Motion Wiper System for Buses

Windshield wipers play a key role in assuring the driver's safety during precipitation of water and heavy rainfall .Most of the conventional wiper systems which have been used in buses until now do not completely wipe off the rain droplets still leaving blind spots at the top corner filleted portions. Especially in district buses in South India where still only one wiper is used at the top right corner, wiping a mere 30% of the whole windshield area. Blind Spots are regions which acts as a hindrance to the view of the driver. These are caused by the unswept rain drops that fall on the windshield during rain. Thus we have designed a wiper system using the whit-worth mechanism and four-bar mechanism to provide maximum view to the driver thereby eliminating the blind spots that occurs on the windshield glass of a bus. Moreover the long traditional sweeping motion of the wiper blades is replaced by reciprocating linear motion in the vertical direction of the windshield glass
The Linear Motion Wiper system uses Four-Bar mechanism as well as Whitworth mechanism in order to move the wiper blade to and fro vertically. This method is a modification of the present wiper system in which a slider slides along the wiper blade transforming radial motion to linear motion. In this model only a single wiper blade is used for the entire length of the windshield. Hence the entire windshield could be wiped-off during heavy rainfall by the to and fro motion of wiper blade along the vertical direction. Thus the main scope of this project is to reduce the blind spots that occur during heavy rainfall and precipitation of water in buses so that maximum part of the front windshield is wiped off giving a better visibility to the drivers.


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