Hybrid Bikes That Run on Petrol and Electric Power

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We all know that the pollution rate is increasing day by day. Every day a vehicle with much reduced pollution rate is released but still the rate of pollution is still the same. That is because of the increased traffic and the vehicle smoke. Automobile engineers have an aim; make vehicles but make no harm. Since i am an automobile engineer who follows the same motto I started thinking about how pollution can be controlled. So from my survey it was found that two wheelers are the main source of pollution especially when they are at low gears. The fundamental thing in any vehicles is that, the rpm (revolution per minute) should be high during low gears. That time a lot of fuel is combusted creating a large amount of smoke which we cannot see. So in order to reduce the fuel usage and the pollution this project would be possible.

This system is nearly same as the one that is used in the modern cars. This system incorporates an electric battery which is run during initial speeds. The electric motor is designed to run up to the rpm which is equivalent up to the third gear in normal bikes. After the speed reaches the set value, the sensor will shift the vehicle from electric powered to engine power mode. This would not only reduce the fuel usage but also reduce the combustion and pollution rate. A parallel type hybrid system can be used in order to achieve this type of transportation.


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    Joseph Thomas
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    I personally have an attraction towards automobiles since i was 7. My perspective is that all vehicles have faults, but it can also be rectified. None should complain automobiles on pollution- Thats my aim.
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