Solution for Unwanted Stoppage of Elevator

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As the population is increasing, the buildings are getting taller and taller. Elevators have become an essential part of modern buildings/towers. But unfortunately every one of us has to face the problem of unnecessarily stoppage of elevators every day and it wastes our precious time. Common reasons behind this problem are-

1. In multi-shaft elevators people generally call all the nearby elevator cabin/cars and enter into the first one available. So later the other cars will stop there unnecessarily.
2. Some naughty kids call the car and run away.
3. Sometimes you call a car and when it opens, you find that it is already fully packed.

As we know the maximum amount of energy is consumed while accelerating the car, unnecessarily stoppage means wastage of energy as well as time. It also create discomfort and irritation to the people, especially those in a hurry.


To avoid this problem my solution is to make elevators smart. They should have their own vision and mind to act according to the condition. An IR camera with other required sensors have to be installed to monitor and detect the presence of a person willing to use the elevator. If there is no person at the place of call and the car is about to reach there, the stop command should be deactivated and the car should not stop there. If the car is already full it should inform the outside person and further the outside person calls the car anyhow (being unaware of loading status of car or does it intentionally), it should not stop there.

This system is simple and definitely it will increase the overall installation cost of elevator due to use of vision system on each floor. But in the long term it will save enormous amount of power, money and the most important thing, your valuable time.


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