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Pneumatically powered bicycle project:

This bike is driven through oppressing air pistons via pedals. Hence there is no chain mechanism. The operator oppresses pedals thus cylinders supply pressurized air power to the rear wheel air motor.

Air is first driven through a cyclone air filter to the cylinder. As the operator busts pedals the pressured air let from the cylinders to the rear wheel pneumatical motor through a regulator supply amidst. The rear motor rotates the rear wheel through a gearox to obtain the optimum revolution rate.

With this piston type pedal system, the bike operator can easily exert his leg power full along the stroke since a straight motion instead of the rotating action in the classical chain mechanism. This provides a better efficiency besides because the operator should not power as with the rear rotation it is a better comfortable drive sense he gets.

One can apply this mechanism to any bicycle without any problem, just some modifications needed.


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    truck engine noise causes window glass to vibrate
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