Electromagnetic Propulsion Elevated Transportation System

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Design Statement:
Vehicle is mounted/hanging on the elevated pipe or rail track with the help of height adjustment and shock absorber link. The wheel on rail track has the power from internal drive and can rotate freely by actuating the clutch.
1. Electromagnets are mounted on the both side of vehicle and guided pipes to generate the lift and propulsion by EDS propulsion technology.
2. Speed and motion of the vehicle is controlled by adjusting the magnitude of electromagnetic force and synchronous frequency between vehicle’s and guided pipe’s electromagnetic coils.
3. To get the information about which coil is active or where is the position of vehicle electromagnetic coils are covered with colorful led lights.
3. Vehicle can travel separately or in the form of long train.
4. Vehicle is all electric powered.
5. The transportation system is computer controlled.

The diagram is describing the working of EDS propulsion technology. Magnetic attraction and repulsion forces are responsible to drive the vehicles.


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