Future Multi Purpose Milk Van

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21st century era there are farmers or villagers who are using traditional & unsafe way of distributing milk. They're usually using Cattle Tanga, two wheeler, cycles and trains with Barrel/Can. Moreover, develop an elevated platform for farmers and eliminate the middle man in the whole process of milk distribution. Most of the time during transportation, controlling the milk temperature is a big issue with milk distribution process which causes loss to farmers in terms of money & physiologically. Our idea is going to make them independent and safer in milk distribution market.

Our concept is designed for unorganized milk distribution such a way that it will be easy to handle and give max output or profit to farmers or villagers.

How does the process or setup of multipurpose milk van work?
Vacuum unit will run through the power take off(PTO) transmission and this vacuum unit set up is directly connected to the tanker inside the vehicle as shown in the attached picture and the temp of the milk will control by inside cooling unit.

What are the Advantages ?
All in one vehicle can serve the below purposes:
*Fulfilling electricity requirement for all purpose for dairy farmer
*Serve the purpose of milk chiller
*Serve the purpose of low cost transportation in regular business.
*Safe and secure transportation and milk handling.
*Enhancement in farmer lifestyle and business profitability.

Remarks :
See images for Milking Process & better understanding


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    Vipin Rajak
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    To make my Indian farmers life better ,safer,profitable so that they emerge as independent business man and contribute to my nation.
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