Segway With Handle for Balancing and Use of Solar Energy and Electricity for Battery Charging

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It’s a basic Segway with handle adjustment, which will be easy to balance. Nowadays so many old people struggle to go out, many institutions are making their colleges pollution free, i.e., not allowing vehicles into the campus. So my idea is that to fix a small caster wheel at front to the handle just like bicycle which would help in balancing. Here I’m using two motors to run wheels and a battery to supply power. And using two way power source like electricity and solar panel to charge the battery. Solar panel is attached on top which could be used as shelter as well as one way of charging the battery. At present I’m thinking to use wood as base material which would be light in weight and can bear more weight. It can be used in colleges, hospitals, zoological parks, etc.


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    Rohith Tvn
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    I'm an hosteller it would take long time to reach my class room so I thought of doing this and I see many old people walking in streets for supermarkets etc so I thought of make it easy at that time I got an idea to fix a wheel and use solar panel for charging.
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