Hoisting Device Combined With the Hydraulic Dump System of the Pick-up Bed of Pick-up

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Present invention in general relates to design and implement a mechanical device for modern pick-up mechanism utilizing hydraulic system and in particular to design a hoisting device that is hydraulic dump system of the pick-up bed.

Unloading of the regular pick-up is not easy, time consuming and labour requirement is necessary, which is both slow and exhausting. In tractor-trolley we do not get speed, average, compact size and long distance travelling is not economical. This project was motivated by a need to create a device that would cause a pick-up bed to lift up quickly and dump its contents, eliminating the need to use labour, which is both slow and exhausting. This device will be incorporated into a pick-up bed hoisting system and be engineered to lift up the surface of the dump bed to an angle sufficient to empty the contents consisting of dirt, rock, grass, wood or similar materials. The intended use for this device would be in a farm or similar setting where a minimal labour force is available. The majority of the effort for the individual will be in the design and analysis of the chassis and selection of the appropriate hydraulic system and also it‘s mounting on pick-up. This will be the most critical part of the system. There will also be considerable effort in the machining and assembly necessary in the construction of the device. This project will consist of three areas, design, manufacturing and analysis.

This problem presents several engineering challenges and opportunities for the optimization of the device. The main engineering challenge consists of creating a design that uses a cylinder that achieves the necessary tilt and lift to unload a dump bed, while maintaining a lower cost to produce. Therefore the device will be optimized for cost and size using a smaller cylinder for the lift, because commercially available lifts are expensive and larger than what‘s required or needed for this application.

The main objectives of the invention are to provide a hoisting device that is used in combination with the hydraulic dump system of the pick-up bed. The function of the mechanical device is to lift and tilt a dump bed that facilitates the unloading of various materials. The constructional features and the functioning aspects are included in the project report to get the complete insight of the topic. The subject helps in understanding the hydraulic system, fabrication and the working procedures thoroughly and neatly. The report also includes the applicational features for the dumped pick-up bed hoisting system. The subject gives the advantages of the dumped pick-up bed hoisting system over the conventional techniques and also brings the limitations of the conventional techniques in the picture.

Present invention is to design a device that is inexpensive to construct, economical to maintain and efficient in operation. It is to make use in domestic purpose also handling, repairing and replacement of parts of the mechanism is easy.present invention is that checking and cleaning are easy because of the main parts are screwed.


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