Intelligent Solar operated Drainage Channels & Water Bodies Cleaning Device

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The impurities present in water can cause hazardous and disease. As long as the draining system is considered the function of the main drainage system is to collect, transport and dispose of the water through an outfall or outlet. The impurities present in drainage water can cause blockage or the drainage system.

This project is designed to keep clean the drainage system as well as other water bodies including lakes, ponds, rivers etc and helps the smooth working of the system. This project automatically cleans the water in the drainage system each time any wastage appears and this form an efficient and easy way of cleaning the drainage system and preventing the blockage. This device can also be placed in a pond or lake for a certain period of time and it will drag all the floating waster materials towards it, collects them and cleans the entire water body (in which it is placed) in the specified time period.

It also reduces labour and improves the quality of water that is cleaned. If the garbage are allowed to flow the will end up flowing down to recreational beaches used for tourism purposes making a scene not pleasurable to the eyes else these garbage flow to residential sites where they are burnt in a way of getting rid of them, thereby causing climate change. The drainage systems are cleaned when there is no water in them i.e. when it is not raining, but when it is raining the drainage systems cannot be cleaned because of the harsh conditions of the rain which no one would volunteer to endure to ensure garbage does not enter into the drainage systems.

The device is place across a drain so that only water flows through the lower basement. Floating waste like bottles, plastic cans, covers…..etc. is lifted by lifters which are connected to the chain. The chain revolves with the sprocket wheel which is driven by the motor. The energy provided to the motor is electrical energy. When motor runs the chain starts to circulate making the lifter to lift up. The wastage material are lifted by lifter teeth and stored in storage or collecting bin. Once the collecting bin is full, the waste materials are removed from the bin.

The device can also be employed for cleaning of the water bodies including lakes, ponds & rivers. The device can be made to float on the surface of the water of these water bodies, by means of an special L shaped attachment (as seen in the Fig 1.a), which can be made out of any sponge like material. When the device is left on the surface of the water bodies, it floats and the propeller starts pulling the water towards it. The waste materials present on the surface of the water gets pulled due to this propeller action and gets collected in the collecting bin. The position of the device can be tracked with the help of IOT system integrated within this device.


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